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Business Issues
Welcome to the section of Go Matilda's site that deals with issues affecting business in Australia.

Australia is a compelling business destination for so many reasons. For UK businesses wanting to develop a new overseas market there are few barriers to entry save for obtaining the necessary visas - and these can be obtained relatively quickly with our help. The people speak the same language, they are well educated, the infrastructure is highly developed, and the markets for goods and services are significant. South East Asia, for example, is relatively close in geographical terms to capitals such as Brisbane, Darwin, and Perth, and you will find that the State and Territory Governments make a significant effort to attract inward investment.

For an individual migrating to Australia there are also many opportunities for setting up a business. This could by exploiting one's knowledge and skills obtained outside Australia, or entering into a franchise arrangement, or buying one of the businesses that are advertised for sale in magazines and newspapers, or starting in a new and different direction.

But you will have the same issues to deal with, whether you are a corporation opening an office in Australia, or are setting up a business when migrating to Australia - and those are compliance and planning issues.

Where do you turn to for guidance and assistance? Where do you go to register your business? Who can help you arrange visas and plan to minimise your tax bills? And how do you find the people that provide all the other services you need to start your business with the minimum of aggravation? It clearly isn't easy if you are sitting thousands of miles away from Australia.

This section of our website will give you pointers to the issues you will have to deal with when operating a business. Having looked at the contents, if you recognise (as we do) that dealing with them will involve valuable time we think we can help.

Go Matilda is a consultancy with offices in Melbourne, Australia and Southampton, England providing assistance that can help you. Our Managing Director, Alan Collett is a UK-qualified Chartered Accountant who has passed exams in Australian Tax and Company Law, and is a migration agent registered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia. We are therefore very well placed to advise you on your business plans, to help you over the hurdles of registration with the relevant authorities, and to introduce you to our associates and affiliates who will be able to make sure you can concentrate on getting your business in Australia started as quickly as possible.

Contact us now and tell us about your plans for business in Australia.

And don't forget to register with us. We regularly send out newsletters by email containing information on issues that are relevant to business in or with Australia - don't miss out!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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