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Welcome to the part of our site that deals with visas for Australia.

As you probably know, Australia is a very desirable location to live and work in, with an enviable climate and lifestyle that means that significant numbers of people seek to migrate there every year. Recognising this, the Federal Government rations the numbers of people allowed to live in Australia by requiring any person living in Australia who is a non-citizen to hold a valid visa.

There are a significant number of visa categories, each with different requirements for eligibility, and with varying limitations placed on the visa holder once it has been granted. Many intending migrants have a choice of visa they can apply for, and it is probable that an application for one class of visa will be more easily obtained and dealt with by the Australian Department of Immigration more quickly than another that could be applied for. In addition, an application for one category of visa may have implications in other areas, particularly tax and financial planning. This should be borne in mind if you are making a decision on which category of visa to apply for, because the choice of visa and the consequences in respect of your financial planning are linked.

We therefore strongly recommend that you take professional advice before you submit your visa application. Click here and provide your details if you would like a free 15 minute conversation about your situation.

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Go Matilda can be contacted by email on info@gomatilda.com, by telephone in the UK on 023 80 30 2525 or in Australia on 03 9935 2929 (ask for Alan Collett), or by writing to us at International House, George Curl Way, Southampton, Hampshire, England, SO18 2RZ, or at Level 27 Rialto South Tower, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia. We will be happy to provide a 15 minute telephone appraisal without charge.

Our Managing Director, Alan Collett, is a migration agent registered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority, and is a UK-qualified Chartered Accountant who has passed exams in Australian Tax and Company Law. We are therefore extremely well placed to advise you on your visa application and the implication for your personal finances. Contact us to let us know your situation and we will be pleased to help you plan for a successful move to the land down under.

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