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There are a number of temporary visas available for entry to Australia. In an effort to make this site easy to navigate, we have decided to focus on the temporary visas that are encountered most often.

There are separate pages for student visas and for those short stay visas that allow a person to remain in Australia for periods of three months or less for non-business purposes, and a complete list of temporary visas is available by clicking here. Please contact us if you would like more details about a visa subclass that we haven't dealt with in detail - or indeed those that we discuss below.

Temporary Business Visas
Investor Retirement Visa
Working Holiday Visa

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Temporary Business Visas

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In addition to the Electronic Travel Authorities for business purposes, a business person who is not eligible for a permanent visa under the Business Skills Migration heading has three further visa options available.

  • The 456 Business (Short Stay) visa. This visa frequently allows multiple entry into Australia on visits of up to 3 months in length, with the visa having a life of either 5 years, 12 months, or 3 months (in which case the visa only allows for a single stay). The visa allows the holder to enter Australia for short tern business purposes such as taking part in conferences, exhibitions, business discussions, etc.
  • The 459 Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay) visa. This is very similar to the 456 visa, save that a Member of Parliament or Mayor or Government Agency in Australia must sponsor the applicant. However, the 459 visa allows for single entry into Australia for a period of up to 3 months.
  • The 457 Long Stay Business visa. This category of visa allows the holder to remain in Australia for a period of up to 4 years with multiple entry into Australia permitted. The focus is on independent executives looking to start up a new business or to join an existing business in Australia, representatives of overseas companies wanting to establish a branch of the overseas company in Australia, and people joining Australian companies under a business sponsorship or labour agreement.

It should be noted that it is often possible for the holder of a 457 Independent Executive visa who has developed a successful business in Australia to subsequently apply for a permanent residency visa under the Established Business in Australia subclass or, the Regional Established Business in Australia subclass.

Also, note that the holder of a 457 employer sponsored visa might NOT be eligible for Medicare and where he or she is sponsored by an employer (whether overseas or based in Australia) there is a real financial risk for the employer should the individual require medical assistance when in Australia. Contact us for details on how this risk can be managed and click here for information concerning health cover in Australia.

There are a number of requirements for the 457 Independent Executive visa to be issued, and the intention of the individual applying will determine the specific hoops to be jumped through. Suffice it to say that those intending to come to Australia to start a business will be required to prepare a detailed business plan and a satisfactory business track record.

At Go Matilda we have many years of expertise to assist intending applicants with these key requirements, as our Managing Director, Alan Collett, is a qualified Chartered Accountant who is also the Principal of his accountancy practice, Collett & Co Chartered Accountants. We have helped many clients with the preparation of Business Plans, including the financial data such as cash flow statements and profit projections, and will be pleased to help you - contact us for more details.

Investor Retirement Visa (405)

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The Investor Retirement visa (subclass number 405) is an option for self-funded retirees aged 55 or over who have no dependents and who want to reside in Australia during their retirement years. The 405 visa is a temporary residency visa and does not lead to Australian permanent residence or citizenship.

The basic qualifying conditions are as follows:

  • Applicant must have turned 55 at the time of the visa decision (note - not the date of the application)
  • Applicant must have no dependents other than his or her spouse
  • Applicant must be sponsored by a State or Territory Government
  • Applicant must have assets valued at least A$750,000 (A$500,000 if the applicant intends to live in a regional area of Australia - as defined). The assets must be legally owned and lawfully acquired by the applicant (or his/her spouse) and be available for transfer to Australia. These amounts are reduced upon a renewal application for a 405 visa
  • Applicant (and/or the spouse of the applicant) must have access to a minimum net income in the form of pension income, investment income, etc of A$65,000 (A$50,000 if the applicant intends to live in a regional area of Australia).
  • Applicant must make a Designated Investment of A$750,000 (A$500,000 if the applicant intends to live in a regional area of Australia) in his/her name or the applicant's spouse's name, with the Treasury Corporation of the State or Territory which is sponsoring the applicant. These amounts are reduced upon a renewal application for a 405 visa
  • Applicant must arrange and maintain private health insurance with - preferably - an Australian insurer that provides cover for the applicant and his/her spouse

Holders of subclass 405 visas may work in Australia for up to 20 hours a week.

Working Holiday Visa (417)

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Australia has reciprocal working holiday arrangements with a number of countries allowing people between the ages of 18 and 30 with no dependent children to visit Australia for a working holiday. The visa allows the holder to:

  • Stay in Australia for 12 months
  • Be in Australia mainly for a holiday, with work being purely incidental and to provide funds for travelling
  • Work in Australia, but for no more than 3 months with any one employer unless written permission has been obtained from the Department of Immigration

An applicant must have a return ticket, or show that there are sufficient funds available for a return or onward fare from Australia.

Note also that if a holder of a 417 visa leaves Australia during the 12 month period for any reason the visa is NOT extended to allow for the period spent outside Australia.

Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia

The contents of this page are necessarily an abbreviated overview of a very detailed subject. The situation may change as the law can alter quickly and we therefore strongly recommend that you take professional advice about your personal circumstances before placing any reliance on the contents of the website.

Go Matilda can be contacted by email on info@gomatilda.com, by telephone in the UK on 023 80 30 2525 or in Australia on 03 9935 2929 (ask for Alan Collett), or by writing to us at International House, George Curl Way, Southampton, Hampshire, England, SO18 2RZ, or at Level 27 Rialto South Tower, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia. We will be happy to provide a 15 minute telephone appraisal without charge.

Our Managing Director, Alan Collett, is a migration agent registered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority, and is a UK-qualified Chartered Accountant who has passed exams in Australian Tax and Company Law. We are therefore extremely well placed to advise you on your visa application and the implication for your personal finances. Contact us to let us know your situation and we will be pleased to help you plan for a successful move to the land down under.

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